Hello, I am Meike Krautscheid

Meike Krautscheid is an entrepreneur and a leading global specialist in blockchain-based use cases and business transformation.

She is the founder and CEO of blockXspace, a company that offers blockchain solutions for the public and private sector. Meike Krautscheid analyses the problem areas of various industries and companies and shows how blockchain technology as well as Smart and Ricardian Contracts help to solve these problems and lead to massively improved efficiency.

Originally, Meike Krautscheid comes from the event industry, but a few years ago, while studying business administration, she heard about blockchain technology at a startup event and immediately understood the incredible innovations the technology is capable of. She was one of the first people in Germany to get involved with blockchain and now does her rounds at global blockchain and technology events and conferences, sharing her knowledge of the possibilities in different industries.

Her company blockXspace is a simple one-stop-shop solution that offers customised turnkey blockchain applications and services. With access to more than 250 patented or patent-pending blockchain innovations and diversified teams of experts, advice and implementation of customised solutions are offered across industries.

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